This proposal is a request for fiscal sponsorship for a grant offered by the U.S. Department of State that would allow us to return to Nairobi, Kenya to conduct another filmmaking intensive.

Grant Specifics


August 16, 2019


Themed Digital Storytelling at Kenya's American Spaces




Non-profit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or academic institutions including institutions of higher education (excluding for-profit education institutions) based in the United States domestically or overseas in Kenya or another country.


The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to design and implement Digital Storytelling at American Spaces in Kenya. 

The project implementers will identify students in the “intermediary” phase between high-school and university and equip them with skills to craft online personal narratives, employing multimedia components of narrative, text, images, and sound, that foster dialogue and empower vulnerable voices.

Provide the time to communicate basic digital storytelling ideas and to help 100 gender balanced youthful participants get organized with their storytelling projects.


If awarded, the Themed Digital Storytelling at Kenya's American Spaces grant would allow the U.S. and Kenyan based Stories Found team to conduct another weeklong filmmaking intensive in Nairobi, KE.

The grant totals $31,250 — almost half of the organization’s yearly operating budget.

Project budget


The line item budget below reflects amount totals for the filmmaking intensive, which the Themed Digital Storytelling at Kenya's American Spaces grant would cover.

2100 Pre-workshop
2101 Instructor pre-workshop prep $5,000 Time worked during 20 day prep period preceding workshop
2102 Airfare $3,400
2103 Per diem $1,100 $50 / day / person X 11 days
2104 Lodging $1,980 Avg. $90 / night / person X 11 days
2105 Project expendables $4,164 Covers unforeseen expenses such as broken equipment, additional security, changes in flight itineraries, local expenses, wire transfer and bank fees, travel-related fees, etc.
2106 Single entry visa $105
2107 Equipment rental $1,250 Most equipment is provided as in-kind, this covers everything else
2108 Main filming permit $100
2109 Agent fees $300
2110 Daily filming fee $40
2111 Customs (Import Duty) $300
2112 Work permit $150
2113 Equipment insurance $25 Covers 100% equipment loss, damage or theft during workshop.
2114 Travel insurance $320
2115 Travel medications $500 Immunizations, malaria meds
2116 PR coordinator $1,200 Individual manages communication, social media, and email campaigns for PR purposes. 80 hrs. (1 month) of part-time compensation at $15/hr.
2117 Legal $3,500 Develop and review legal considerations and documents such as privacy policy and terms and conditions statements, on-screen talent and location releases, and indemnity for the program and its coordinators
2200 Workshop
2201 Instructor workshop: U.S. $3,500 Time worked during pre-production and workshop; U.S. based team
2202 Instructor workshop: Kenya $3,500 Time worked during pre-production and workshop; Kenyan based team
2203 Production van rental $420
2204 Fuel $240
2205 Ground transportation $40
2206 Breakfast/lunch for students $1,500 We're working with U.S. Embassy to cover this expense
2207 Security $200 We're working with U.S. Embassy to cover this expense
2208 Airline baggage fees $200 We're working with airlines to receive in-kind donation
2209 Certificate printing $75
2210 Screening venue rental $500 We're working with U.S. Embassy to cover this expense, or seeking in-kind

TOTAL: $31,209


Project timeline

The project timeline will conform to a similar structure as the 2018 program, and will loosely follow the timeline below. (tap to enlarge):


Yearly Operating Costs

Total yearly operating costs = $66,554

Additional funding

Stories Found will continue raising funds for the reminder of our 2020 yearly operating budget via smaller grants, corporate sponsors, personal investors, and in-kind support.

Additional funds would allow Stories Found to …

  • UPDATE AND IMPROVE THE ONLINE TRAINING based on our beta launch and feedback received from students

  • COORDINATE THE STORIES FOUND MENTOR FEEDBACK PROGRAM, offering student filmmakers a chance to receive thoughtful critique from professional documentary filmmakers

  • send the intensive films to FESTIVALS, organize and coordinate EDUCATIONAL EVENTS, FILMMAKER PANELS and Q&As, and offer TRAVEL STIPENDS to filmmakers to attend festivals

  • FORM STRATEGIC AND MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL PARTNERSHIPS with international documentary filmmaking organizations

  • DEVELOP A LONGTERM AND SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY FOR GROWTH, including legal considerations and the formation of an advisory board